Premysl Dobias

Born in 1913 in Turnou, Bohemia, now in the Czech Republic, where he gained a doctorate in law from Charles University, Prague. A political prisoner, he was detained and interrogated in Kartouzy prison, Terezin, Petschek Palais (Gestapo headquarters) and Pankrac High Security prison in Prague, before spending three years in Mauthausen concentration camp.

Arriving in Britain in 1947, he worked in the costume jewellery business, and as a lawyer advising on international arbitration. He married Hana Budlovsky and lives in Hampstead. Prem (as he is known here) has contributed to many publications, television and museum projects, providing detailed information on Mauthausen, and recently participated in a film for the Ministry of the Interior in Austria.

β€œThe Nazis and their murderous associates are guilty of some of the greatest atrocities committed by man in modern times. It is impossible to establish the actual number of people who lost their lives. Those of us – murdered or surviving – were victims because we were fighting the Nazi regime.

"As a Christian, I should forgive and forget. However, forgiveness depends on the enormity of the crime: I shall never forgive and never forget.

"My message for the 21st century is my hope and wish that, while you pay your respects to the Holocaust victims and survivors, please remember also us – the fighters. Beware of religious fanatics and fanatical nationalists all over the world."